A Brief Information About the HGV Training Courses in UK

The goal of the HGV driver training programme is to instil in you the value of paying attention while driving a vehicle. You can drive any LGV vehicle easily after you have the information from HGV driver training, or you might say that you will have the legal right to drive any LGV vehicle. To participate in this HGV driver training, all you need to do is fulfil specific conditions, such filing the necessary documentation, among other things.

The Following HGV Training Courses

1. C+E Fast Track

Before filing an application for a C+E or CAT C licence, you must have your CAT C licence. Many valuable specialised HGV Training courses will be made available to you. The C+E Fast Track training course is the quickest way to get your CAT C and C+E licence.

2. CAT C

With this CAT C training course, you are permitted to operate a vehicle weighing up to 3500 kg and a caravan weighing up to 750 kg. Rigid-body vehicles are the ones that are the subject of this CAT C course.

3. CAT C+E

After completing the CAT C+E training course, you are qualified to drive an LGV vehicle weighing more than 3500 kg and operate a caravan weighing more than 750 kg. If your goal is to become a professional driver, you’ve come to the right place.

You will receive the best instruction available through the HGV training plan, which will boost your confidence and enhance your driving skills.

4. CAT C1

With CAT C1, you can operate an LGV weighing between 3500 and 7500 kg. An LGV vehicle can tow a trailer, but the trailer’s weight shouldn’t be increased above 750 kg. 

5. CAT C1+E

This CAT C1+E licence allows you to drive a vehicle weighing between 3500 and 7500 kg. You can also manoeuvre a caravan that weighs more than 750 kg at the same time.

Why are Driver CPC Courses Important?

A CPC card provides proof that you passed both the theory and practical exams. You need a CPC certificate in order to drive a rigid vehicle, like a truck, trailer or lorry. Your passage of both the theory and practical exams is attested to by this CPC certificate.

CPC Module 2

It won’t take more than ninety minutes to do this theoretical test. This test consists of six or seven case studies that you have to respond to. You have to get good grades. Every inquiry starts with LGV/HGV.

CPC Module 4

This CPC module 4 is mostly concerned with the practical test. This practical test has various “show me-tell me” questions, for which you have to answer the answers. 

You will receive training and take your practical exam at the same time because this test lasts for an entire day. All you need to do to pass is score at least 85 out of 100.

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