How to run 10K – Pro tips to get you through long runs (Marathons)

running 10k

Pro tips to get you through long runs (Marathons)

running 10k

  1. Start Training at-least 3-4 weeks prior to run day, it will help your body adjust to the distance, build stronger and also help with mental strength and confidence.
  2. Watch your nutrition and train with good shoe and n soft surfaces like grass.
  3. Keep Hydrated and avoid salty foods because that will cause water retention where your body will hold few extra pounds of water weight and you will feel bloated and running with un-necessary weight which will slow you down.
  4. Do Some Strength training and stop/minimise strength training at-least 2 days before the run.
  5. Go and actually train on the route (Click here to see the route on Map My Run).
  6. Mix (Do small distance sprints and along with slow paced runs in order to build endurance).
  7. Sleep Well your body needs rest to recover from the damage caused by training to your muscles and tissues.
  8. Eat Sufficient amount of protein(about 1-2 grams of protein per pound of your body weight), carbs and fats during the training.
  9. Start Carb Cycle: Start Loading Carbs 1-2 days prior to the run preferably complex carbs from foods like Oatmeal, Sweet Potatoes etc which will help store glycogen in your muscles and if you don’t know buy paxil online glycogen is the instant source of energy for our body, because during the run, we don’t want our body to be busy digesting food to provide us with energy that we ate 20 minutes before the run, that will result in crash and burn. The best way to go is start consuming slow digesting carbs 1-2 days prior and consume fast digesting carbs like bananas/fruits in general about 20-30 minutes prior to the run and don’t forget water.
  10. Avoid Oily foods prior to run
  11. Avoid extreme Legs workout in the gym at-least 4 days prior to the run
  12. Keep yourself hydrated during the run. Start your run at a medium and steady pace for about 5k-6k, Β and slow run during 7k-8k to rest your body a bit, gather all your energy and give your best in the last 2 kilo meters of the run and don’t forgot to smile while finishing, finish in style, take photos, interact with the crowd and share your experience with your friends and family or the world depends completely on you.
  13. After the run consume some healthy fats, protein and a mix of slow and fast digesting carbs (but don’t eat too much carbs, this meal must be high in protein in order to recover).



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