New Fitness App Coming Soon (Daily Macros Calculations in Seconds)


gym and nutrition new fitness app for calculating macros in seconds banner

I am currently working on a fitness app that i feel is a must and felt the need myself everyday whenever i needed to calculate the macros of the meals i am eating i know myfitnesspal does a good job but who has that kind of time we need an app that would be as fast a a kitchen weight scale which quickly tells you the weight of the food you are going to eat why not have an app that can do the same with the macros of your meals in seconds and allow everybody to track their macro’s quickly and with ease and spending anxiety pharmacy less then 2 mins on the app in a day and getting work done which would take hours. That sounds great well it definitely is. The app i coming soon for you guys on app store first and then on google play store and then browser support as well (web app).

Currently, I have developed wireframes of my ideas for the app design. And, soon i am going to develop a web api for this fitness app and after that finally develop app client that will be available on apple app store then the android version for google play store and finally the web app.


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