Hi guys, today i will talk about something i was not sure about when i started shredding some weight and for few weeks did not consumed coffee. Thats, when i got into some research and found out –

coffee nutrition good or bad

Coffee is one of the world best pre-workouts (since, it contains caffeine it gives you a boost while working out, or even in daily activities)

So, dont shy away from drinking upto 2 to 3 cups of coffee every day. Make sure you are not adding much milk to it.

Just, Coffee in hot water has 0 or 1 calories so it does not affect your diet and its great with helping you digest food and feel full, relaxed and energetic.

How i use coffee while on strict diet ?

When i am dieting strictly, like these days where i have cheap celexa lost 5 kg weight towards the start of 5th week naturally, since i workout in the evening (8pm – 9:30 pm),

When using coffee at home, i start consuming small cups of coffee from around 4 pm and have about 3 small cups ( my 3 small cups are equivalent t0 a large insomnia cup for example, usually i don’t add milk, if i do just a little b/w 5 – 10 ml range).

or sometimes for just for ease when i am out, i buy a regular americano and drink about 20 – 45 minutes before workout.

coffee good or bad


******Shout out for any questions below******

Good luck with your goals.

Summary: Yes, coffee is good for you when dieting and help to build muscle.


coffee gym and nutrition

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